Synthesis Paper on Rap Music

Topics: Hip hop music, Rapping, Suicide Pages: 4 (1463 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Laura Funk

Negative effects of Rap Music on Teenagers
I strongly believe that you need to give your children the freedom to make their own choices in the paths they take in their lives. If you don’t they might rebel and make poor choices that can lead to a poor lifestyle. Although you do have to step in every once in a while but I believe you need to make these interferences in their lives a very rare occasion. For instance when it comes to negative rap music and their videos; I believe a parent needs to step in and explain to the child why they shouldn’t watch this type of music video or listen to this type of music. And also shield the child to the best of their power. According to the article The Impact of Rap and Hip-Hop Music on American Youth written by abkoobthoj; Rap music has a negative effect on America’s youth. In the article abkoobthoj talks about a study done which they took 700; 15 year olds and one third of them listened to sexually explicit rap music and two thirds listened to degrading music about sex. Each child was asked about their sexual thoughts after listening to the music and almost all of them had degrading thoughts about sex. Rap music videos also have an impact on sexual ideas young teens have about the opposite sex according to the article written by Sarah Hopkins called The Negative impact of music videos. Sexy dancing moves and sexy styles are catching the attention of young teenage girls and these young girls are then imitating these dance moves and the sexy way to dress and are sending the wrong message to young teenage boys. It doesn’t take much for these young teenage boys with their high hormone levels to get sexually explicit ideas in their heads. Some of these teenagers act on these ideas which lead to premarital sex and can lead to diseases and infections. In the article Rap Music’s psychological effects by Jennifer Copley she states that in a study teenage boys who listened to or read rap music with...
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