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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Set 7
Ap English

Set 7
Ap English
Television in Presidential Elections Synthesis Essay

The United States have adapted television into presidential elections since the 1960s. However the influence on America is not necessarily positive. The negative influence of television on the United States can be conveyed though the necessity of perfect image by candidates, sharing of too personal facts, and the brutality of the television debate. Television has negatively affected presidential debates due to the fact of the main concern changing from opinions to image. The American people have become obsessed with the president they chose to elect having a perfect image. When debates and other political functions air on the television human nature naturally judges. Before television the candidates did not have to act perfect, they could act their normal selves without having to worry about the public scrutinizing their every move. "Kennedy benefited because his image on television was crisp, Nixons light colored suit, wrong makeup and bad posture seemed fuzzed... People who listened to the debate scored it a draw people who watched thought Kennedy had crushed Nixon"(Source C). In the 1960s when election debates started airing on television America changed to no longer care about what was being said but what the person looked like. "our national politics has become a competition for images, or between ideas rather than ideals"(Source C). Over all image has become the main focus of presidential debates rather than opinions.

Television has negatively affected the presidential process due to telling too personal facts to the media. Television constantly being around these candidates leads to many questions. Often some of these question tend to be inappropriate and out of line. "Bill Clinton discussed his underwear with the American people (briefs not boxers it turned out)"(Source B). However with the media and Television in this society it is conveyed as the...
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