Synoptic Gospels

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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| Matthew| Mark| Luke|
WHO wrote this Gospel?| Tradition ascribes it to the Apostle Matthew| John Mark, a disciple of St Peter| A Syrian (named Luke) from Antioch who was a physician and friend of St. Paul| WHEN was it written?| Possibly after the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in AD 70| 64 AD| Between AD 65 and 80| WHERE was it supposed to be written?| Antioch in Syria| Rome| Corinth in Greece| WHO was it written for?| Primarily for Jewish converts to Christianity| Christians of non-Jewish origin (Gentiles)| Gentile Christians| NAME the sections in this Gospel| Birth of JesusMinistry of John the BaptistBaptism and temptation of JesusPublic ministryGalilee to JerusalemThe last weekResurrection| The beginning of the GospelPublic ministry to GalileeGalilee to JerusalemThe last weekThe resurrectionAppearances and Ascension| IntroductionBirth of John the Baptist and JesusBaptism and temptation of JesusPublic Ministry Galilee to JerusalemThe last weekThe resurrection, appearances and ascension| DETERMINE the themes in this Gospel| Presents Jesus as the great teacher who has the authority to interpret the Law of God and teach about the kingdom of God| Jesus pictured as a man of action and authority. Jesus speaks of himself as the Son of Man who came to free people of their sin| Jesus is Saviour for all, Gentiles, outcasts and sinners| WHAT is a distinct characteristic of this Gospel?| Matthew is carefully arranged. It follows a logical progression| Mark presents the story of Jesus in a straightforward, vigorous way, with emphasis on what He did rather than his word and teaching| Emphasis is placed on prayer, the Holy Spirit the role of women in the ministry of Jesus an God’s forgiveness of sin| WHAT is this Gospel’s source or sources?| Ninety one per cent of a Mark can be found in Matthew and Luke. Likewise Matthew and Luke are Fifty per cent and Forty one per cent consistent, respectively, with the other gospels...
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