Spinal Stenosis

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  • Published : September 10, 2010
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DATE June 13, 2010
INSTRUCTOR: Coleman A. Baker

The New Testament begins with Paul’s three missionary journeys, in which his mission was to plant churches and teachings about the Lord. It is safe to say there were many other great church planters after the death of the apostle Paul, such as Peter and John. I plan to elaborate on the main issues facing each of the churches addressed by the General Epistles. The apostle Peter wrote a letter to encourage suffering believers to hold onto their hope and to promote Christians ethics. (1Peter 1:1) Then later Peter wrote a second letter discussing the church two main problems, which were persecution and false teachers who were causing people to lose their faith. (2Peter 1:1) False teachers were saying that self-control was not needed because deeds do not help the believers anyway. Peter continued to encourage believers to remain strong in their faith, by condemning the false teachers and defending the Parousia doctrine and difficulties of the last days. (quickstudy.com) John also wrote a letter to the believers to get them back on track, to show the difference between light and darkness, and to encourage the church to grow in genuine love for God and for one another. This letter was to also assure the believers of eternal life and genuine faith so they could enjoy the full benefit of their position of children of god. A second letter was written to warn believers against supporting false teachers. John also addressed the importance of Christian responsibility to support preachers and missionaries. Later John wrote a third letter addressed to Galius, the importance of hospitality, in which Galius was later commended for. Diotrephes was condemned for his lack of hospitality and wanting to take control of the church. (3 John 9:10) The sins of the church such as pride, jealousy, and slander are still present in the church....
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