Symbolism: Everyday Use Comparison W/ a Rose for Emily

Topics: English-language films, Time, Protagonist Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: October 11, 2009
Home Identity and Privilege: The Tale of Two Stories
It is said that your home is a reflection of you. When you walk into someone’s home, you should get a sense of who they are as people. The décor, the smell, the cleanliness, down to the choice of linen fixtures, and appliances could give insight to a persons past and present. Meanwhile, how those things are used may give insight into their future. In the short stories “ A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner” and “ Everyday Use by Alice Walker,” this concept is displayed with its main characters respectfully. While, the homes give the main characters their identity, or lack their of, the sense of entitlement and privilege only deepens their connection to the their houses. In “A Rose for Emily,” the main character Miss Emily Grierson, a sheltered daughter born into a well respected, well off family dies leaving behind a home that is window into her life’s past. Like her home Miss Emily grace and appearance fell with time. Once a beautiful, clean, and well kept property through the years the place began to decay become an “eyesore of eyesore.” As her life progressed, who was once a beautiful, promising, yet sheltered envy of the town, slowly became just the neighborhood obligation and nuisance. What connected her to that house was her privileged life and sense of entitlement that showed when she refused to pay her taxes. Not only does she connect with her home through privilege but through the experiences she had in that home. Due to her life on the high end, her fathered sheltered her from finding love. So when he died and she found just that, she longed to keep it in the home. She also brought things into the house that reflected her lifestyle like the embossed toilets. Everything that went in the house or came out (like the smell) reflected her past or present disposition. When she died, the people came not to see her but to see her house which was a reflection of her. What she left behind was...
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