A Rose for Emily: the Correlation Between Miss Emily and Her House

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  • Published : November 12, 2010
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The Correlation between Miss Emily and Her House
Basing on the short story
``A Rose for Emily ' by William Faulkner
A Rose for Emily was William Faulkner 's first short story published in a major magazine . It was on the April 30 , 1930 , in the issue of Forum magazine . In the centre of A Rose for Emily there is an eccentric old maid , Emily Grierson . The whole story is related by an unnamed narrator , who details the queer circumstances of Emily 's life and her strange relationships with her relatives , her lover , and the place where she lives , and the horrible mystery she hides . In the short story an array of interrelated events are combined to represent a major theme of the story . The author exploits the symbolism which helps the reader to understand this theme . A Rose for Emily 's key theme is the quest for love and stability . But the ambiguous society usually meets these two basic human needs unfavorably . If to consider the social implications of the story , the final scene in the bedroom-tomb , discovering Emily 's necrophilia , suggests the necrophilia of the whole society that coexisted with a dead but unburied past . Emily becomes Jefferson 's raw point , its heritage from the past . The town shelters the degraded Grierson house , a symbol of the past . Faulkner violates chronological time in this story thus , his narrator , stretching over several generations , is aware of the meaning of all the events that he relates . In A Rose for Emily , William Faulkner uses the symbolical comparison of the Grierson house with Miss Emily in three vectors - her physical deterioration , her change in social status , and her unwillingness to accept the change .

If we apply chronological approach to interpretation the correlation between Miss Emily and her house , we shall notice that the house represents Miss Emily 's physical characteristics . At the beginning , the house is depicted as "white , decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies in...
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