Symbolic Interactionism of an Ogre

Topics: Shrek, Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Within most movies and television shows, symbolic gesture or interaction is present but its not as important as it is in Dream Works “Shrek.” In this amazing children’s comedy, most of those who would watch this film (under the age of 16) would probably miss the symbolism or innuendoes unlike those who have come to a mature adult age and have come to see what is being represented within the film. if you were to watch this movie, you would find four important characters that are key source of the social symbolism. These characters names are Shrek, Fiona, donkey and Lord Farquaad.

Within the main characters story line, Shrek is seen as a mean, terrifying ogre yet he has a hidden persona that is not at first revealed. The society in which he lives in has found him to be someone in which he is not. He has been ostracized and turned away by most because of what he is and what he looks like. Shrek’s persona becomes very visible when the character starts letting a little light under his skin and starts showing the audience that theres a little more to him than just a mean, green, terrifying ogre. You start to see why the character is acting the way he dose. He has been judged and ridiculed because of the perosona that has been givin to him by the ogres that came before him and because of this, the people ostracize him and attempt to hurt him because of what he is. Just like in actual society, people judge before they even meet. This brings up the issues such as racism, segregation, and ostracism. People have always in some ways come to conclusions of people that are completely wrong and in doing such, brings cultural wars and social conflicts. the judging of individuals or social groups do to color, race or place of birth has been an issue for many years and it is not something that will just come to an end and because of things such as segregation, racism, and ostracism, society today has major issues with such things as depression and suicide. Yet just like in the...
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