Symbolic Interactionist

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Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis
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Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis
People often use nonverbal communication through meaningful objects or behaviors such as facial expressions, gestures, body language, symbols, clothing articles, and posture standings to interact and communicate his or her idea or opinion. These meaningful objects and behaviors are viewed as a sociological framework called symbolic interactionism. The receiving party observes the objects or behaviors to interpret the meaning. For example, wearing a suit and tie to a new job interview is to illustrate professionalism and impress the interviewer. Symbolic interactionism is prevalent in today’s culture and media. Symbolic interactionism is in magazines, newspapers, print ads, the Internet, and on the television. Symbolic interactionism can significantly influence or manipulate a person’s thoughts or opinions.

In the television show, Everybody Hates Chris, the main character Chris deals with everyday social inequalities growing up in the early 1980s in suburbia New York City. The show is based on world renowned comedian Chris Rock’s adolescent experiences. Chris is a teenage black male living with both parents in the household and two siblings in the working class Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. America perceived most black families as single female parent households living on government assistance for many years. Chris’ father works two jobs to support the family’s lifestyle so Chris can be educated in predominately white schools. Chris faces challenges adapting to his peers and teachers at school and his neighbors. Chris is a victim of bullying and racial stereotypes in both home and school environments that he does not relate. The episode analyzed, Chris’ father, Julius, finds $200 in food stamps which he gives to his wife Rochelle to go grocery shopping. Rochelle does not like using food stamps because she is...
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