Symbol Essay

Topics: Symbol, 2009 singles, Suffering Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Brooke Herklotz
10-25-11, Lehmann
4th period

Charm bracelet

My charm bracelet is a symbol of me and everything I stand for. It is a chain bracelet with many different charms. Each charm symbolizes an event or an item that makes me who I am.
My turtle charm represents my speed. My life has always been at a slow pace, never have I been quick with anything I do. I feel that people don’t slow down to just enjoy life’s every beauty. I take time to slow down and walk this earth with thankfulness, like a turtle. My cowgirl boots charm represents my pride. I gather the cows, put out hay, and mend to what is needed. After the work is done I put on my dress put those same boots on that I installed great amount of work and dance. I take pride in being a beautiful women and doing a job only for men. My boots have stunning lacing work, but still gets the job done, like me.

My two hearted charm represents my compassion. My attitude towards others is nothing shy from compassionate. This world has many harsh dealings; I try to understand people and their pain. Compassion is all it takes to change a person’s life. Like my heart, is full of compassion. My angel charm represents my faith. I am a child of God; I try to do my best to follow his teachings. I go to church every Sunday. I’m very active in my youth group, and was asked to teach weekday school next year. My father always told me angels watch over us and guides us; I will someday be one of those angels.

My charm bracelet carries many symbols of me and my life. It shows my faith, my compassion, my speed, and my beauty as a hard working woman. This is me and what I stand for, don’t ask of anything else you will be left disappointed.
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