The Kiss Painting

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  • Published : January 29, 2009
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Gustav Klimt was a controversial figure in his time, He live during 1862-1918. His work was constantly criticized for being too sensual and erotic, and his symbolism too deviant. Klimt established the vienna session with the purpose of rising of level of the arts and crafts in austira through close ties to art nouveau. Today, they stand out as the more important paintings ever to come out of Vienna. The Kiss, painted in 1907-08 was a oil canvas, 180x180cm , During his golden period, Its probably klimts most famous work. It depicts a couple, bound up in various shades of gold and symbols, sharing a kiss against a bronze background. The dusky featured man dominates the woman, holding her face to bestow the kiss. The woman with a lighter complexion kneels beneath the man, resignedly clutching his neck and hand. The lovers are situated at the edge of a flowered escarpment. The man is wearing neutral coloured rectangles and a crown of vines; the woman wears brightly coloured tangent circles and flowers in her hair. The twain’s embrace is enveloped by triangular vining and a veil of concentric circles. The shared gold shrouding and indeterminate background evokes the timelessness and union of selves that a kiss can engender. That it represents how bright, beautiful, and golden everything is when you first kiss someone. That the man is lost in the kiss faceless and unidentifiable while the woman is turning her head away and is aloof from the kiss. That the female is succumbing to the male and experiencing a moment of sexual ecstasy.The Kiss exemplifies a loss of self, reconciliation and unity that only lovers experience. The couple stimulates different energies contributing to the connection. The man displays knowledge, black and white contrast, and binary information, as his energy towards the woman. The woman supports this by using her femininity, warmth, and decorous flowers as her energy towards the man. Notice how the woman is rooted in the ground,...
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