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  • Published: April 16, 2013
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1.1 Legal Methods, Research Methodology, English language and Communication Skills 4 Credits 1.1 Legal Methods: This introductory course aims to familiarize beginners with the methods and materials of law and with the role of law in contemporary society. The course prepares students to think like lawyers. It explores the relevance of the role of law in the contemporary society and allows for juxtaposition of the legal process with the social, economic and political processes in society. The several perspectives from which question of law can be approached are demonstrated by an introduction to the various schools of jurisprudence. Law as an independent discipline has its own materials and methods. Though related to and reflective of social processes, its development is unique in several respects. The character and content of legal knowledge are explained to the student in a systematic fashion. Familiarity with the sources of law and with legal materials and competence to find the law by the use of the law library are major concerns of this course. The ability to appreciate law as a process in the context of other processes in society (political, economic, cultural, social) is one of the goals of this course. 1.1 Research Methodology: The course may help the student to think and act like a lawyer and responds to law studies accordingly. The course also introduces legal research methodology which includes the art of footnoting etc. 1.1 English language and Communication Skills: English will be taught as a compulsory (Non Credit) course as per the requirements of the Bar Council of India. Our colonial past has been held responsible for alienating common people from the justice delivery system. The language and rhetoric of legal discourse continues to tantalize both the legal expert and the layperson. The course addresses the nature and scope of English as the medium of legal...
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