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Topics: Mattel, 2007 Chinese export recalls, Toy Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: October 24, 2010
1) Toys “R” Us is a large scale worldwide company consisting of more than seventeen-hundred stores. The company also offers an offshoot chain geared towards babies; rightfully named Babies “R” Us. Toy “R” Us offers a wide variety of products manufactured by other companies and sold in their stores and on-line through a lucrative partner ship with Amazon.com. This partner ships offers Toys “R” Us an advantage in the ever popular world of on-line shopping.

2) Being the largest toy store worldwide and having off-shoots of the brand, Toys “R” Us has many weaknesses. Just the name, is a weakness; when you purchase a toy manufactured by another company, you essentially purchased a Toys “R” Us toy. When a parent makes a decision to purchase from this store, they expect quality and have trust, their child will be safe while playing with said toy. Toys “R” Us must select products and trust how these products are manufactured. Just one toy recall with publicized injuries could harm the overall economic forecast for the company. However, this scenario can easily be avoided because of the reputation and business relationship Toys “R” Us has with large/popular companies. Companies such as Mattel also have a name and brand to protect. Taking a lot of consideration into products and safety, making it easier for Toys “R” Us to feel at ease while selling Mattel products in their stores.

3) The book notes: “opportunities and threats as external and can not always be anticipated”. Opportunities for the Toy giant could be too, design a line of electronic learning toys children of all countries. Making this line flexible, economic and easily adaptable to the fast pace industry would be key, in order for the line to stand out above, all the rest. Another added benefit would be charitable donations of this equipment to low-income families or area struck by disaster. In this worldwide declining economy the biggest threat to a large corporation is finances. Another threat...
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