P1 Unit 13

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Recruitment and Selection in Business
In this assignment I will be demonstrating the way in which two businesses plan their recruitment and selection process. The two businesses I have chosen to speculate are Toys ‘R’ Us and in contrast I have chosen Hublot. I have chosen to write about these two contrasting businesses because they can show two different approaches to the recruitment and selection process. Recruitment Planning:

The first stage of recruitment that you may be aware of it as an applicant. This is after the organisation has placed the advertisement and you have applied for it, but a lot of work happens before this stage. Part of recruitment planning involves the organisation working out if they need to recruit anyone at all. There may be lots of reasons why an organisation may think about recruiting. The organisation will then need to consider whether to undertake internal or external recruitment, and how that process is going to take place. You will need to be aware of the different possible methods and influences on which choices an organisation makes. Reasons for Vacancy:

Reasons for vacancies could come open up for many reasons; maternity/paternity leave, injury to workers, expansion of the business and many more. Reasons for vacancies open up in Toys ‘R’ Us as it is an always expanding business, this allows opportunities for workers to be stronger. Also Toys ‘R’ Us, being a family toy shop they sell according to a niche market; this means that they will have vacancies according to seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter and others. Hublot have a much smaller window of opportunity for vacancies as they are very specialised and much smaller company. A vacancy at Hublot can come along for the same reasons but with smaller opportunity window as they mainly only hire specialised workers to make the high end luxury watches. The two companies contrast as Toys ‘R’ Us do not need specialised workers. Whereas, Hublot would require the highest quality in making luxury watches. This leaves more job opportunities at Toys ‘R’ Us as basic skills are required. Key Points on Whether to Recruit or Not:

Recruitment is a very high commanded part of a business with current economic ways. Recruitment to a business is key because: * Recruiting allows opportunities for people to have a job in any business. * Also recruiting gains experience for workers in social and working environments * Recruiting is helpful to a business because recruiting new people can allow for new people to give new and fresh ideas to a business. * Recruiting also helps to keep competition healthy within a business to keep workers working hard. The main points for why a company like Toys ‘R’ Us would recruit is because it is the largest toy family store in the world. This means that they are an expanding company which gives them the means to recruit, for when they need staff for different reasons, seasonal, or short staffed. In contrast, it is essential for a company like Hublot to hire the most skilled watch makers in the world if they are to keep their reputation. This makes it key for a specialist, Luxury Company like Hublot to recruit. Internal Recruitment:

Internal Recruitment is the name given to the process of looking for candidates to fill a job vacancy within the business. This includes past employees, friends of current employees or current employees looking to move around within a business. Advantages of Internal Recruitment:

* Recruiting internally will allow an organisation to keep their expenditure lower. * Less training is needed for the staff acquired to work. * Internal recruitment is also less time effective.

* More trust is given to candidates as they already have some sort of relationship with the company. Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment:
* Internal recruitment can cause a jealousy within the work place. * Less people are going for the vacancy.
* Selection could be harder as less...
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