Swot Analysis of Fishery Company

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SWOT Analysis of Canada’s Fisheries andAquaculture Industry A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is a popular anduseful way to outline areas of potential action that will help in enhancing an industry’sperformance. Identification of competitive advantages and unique selling points ishelpful in identifying market opportunities. A SWOT analysis is also useful inidentifying areas of weakness, which could damage any potential marketing effort.Conducted effectively, a SWOT analysis is a powerful tool that gives a clear picture of an industry’s overall competitive position. SWOT Analysis of Canadian Fisheries:


Industry is well-positioned geographically to serve markets in Asia, the U.S. andEurope ü

Catches of higher value shellfish have stabilized at high levels ü

Long term demand for capture seafood will remain strong as global productionhas peaked at the same time as populations are growing ü

Canada has a reputation in major markets as a reliable supplier of high-quality,high-value seafood from a pristine environment ü

Demand in primary markets such as the U.S. and China is growing rapidly ü

Individual quotas have made the harvesting sector in some fisheries veryprofitable ü

The aggressive approach of B.C.-based companies has made Vancouver aconduit for some U.S. seafood products to China ü

Strong per capita consumption in Canada makes its domestic market attractive Weaknesses:

Landings are not likely to increase in groundfish or salmon

Excess processing capacity has reduced profitability and efficiency of theprocessing sector ü

Provincial political factors reduce efficiency of the processing sector and limitmarket opportunities (i.e. coldwater shrimp in Newfoundland)

Market Outlook in the International Fish & Seafood SectorH.M. Johnson & Associates36 ü

Seafood export marketing programs at the generic level are weak ü

The decline in stocks of snow crab could...
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