The Great Crustaceans of Maine: Lobster

Topics: Lobster, American lobster, Crustacean Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Andrew Strelke
September 27
The Great Crustaceans of Maine: Lobster

In Maine, lobster is a traditional and luxurious meal. In fact, people from all over the United States pay good money just to have a Maine lobster. Even states that are not landlocked, such as Florida or California, get their lobster from Maine. This is simply because no other kind of lobster even comes close to being as good as Maine lobster. What makes Maine lobster so good is the meat found in their large claws, warm water lobster don’t have claws all their meat is in the tail and the body. Lobster is relatively cheap in Maine compare to other states due to the fact it is caught right off the seacoast, so shipping it to the markets isn’t that hard. Lobster is a very important part of Maine culture, so there are certain rules one must follow when catching lobster. The general tool used for catching lobsters is a lobster trap, which is a large wooden box with woven mesh entrances, and requires a permit to catch them. In Maine, fishermen who catch lobster without a permit will be fined up to $1,000. If a lobster is under a pound or is a female carrying eggs, then it must be released back into the ocean for it is illegal to be kept or sold. Not only is Maine lobster a tasty and unique meal, but it also contributes a lot of money to Maine economy. “In 2011, the catch exceeded 100 million pounds and generated close to $331 million in ex-vessel or dock value. The fishery provides a livelihood for over 4,500 lobster harvesters, and supports businesses such as processors, dealers, marine outfitters, boat makers, retailers and restaurants. ” (“About Maine Lobster”) Lobster also helps attract tourist; people come from all over the world just to have a taste of fresh Maine lobster. There are many ways to cook lobster, boiling is the most common method. Boiling is the quickest way and it makes the meat tender and juicy. Another great advantage of boiling lobster is that it makes the...
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