SWOT Analysis of Distribution Channel of Coca-Cola

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  • Published : July 10, 2012
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* Dedicated staff.
* Sufficient manpower.
* Good ware-house management.
* Better co-ordination of employees.
* Good field-work by PSR.
* Excellent market approach.
* Frequently order and supply makes better availability of products in market. * RED and MD works makes great execution of marketing of products. * Reach-out of products in all market through proper delivery system. WEAKNESSES-

At ware-house
* High labor turnover.
* Poor working environment.
* Unavailability of needy things (water, first-aid, etc.) to workers. * Lack of skilled labor and proper supervision.
* Lack of managed workings.
Field work
* Gap between order and supply.
* Ignorance towards small shops for delivery of products. * Low communication skills of sales persons and PSR’S.
* Lack of Day to day planning and evaluation of performance. * Need for proper training of PSR’s for how to communicate and convince to retailers. OPPORTUNITY-
* Wide range of market.
* Strong capturing in market.
* Brand image and brand value of the product pull customers towards our brand. * Having in-house production of coke products.
* Competitors’ brand value and brand image.
* Global competition among beverages.
* Many domestic and local beverages products.
* Changing environment of business and culture.
* Improvement of workings of workers through providing needy things (water, first-aid, tea) to workers. * Improvement of working environment in ware-house, depot. * Give on the job or demonstration training to workers and employees. * Training to PSR and Sales persons to train them for how to communicate and convince the customers. * Assign specific parson for specific market so that he can make such relations with customers and they can know him by our brand. * Make day to day planning and execution of...
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