Swiss Knife Containing Essential School Materials

Topics: Swiss Army knife, Pocket knife, Victorinox Pages: 18 (4486 words) Published: February 10, 2013
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A Research Paper Presented to the
Faculty of Marikina Science High School

In Partial Fulfillment of
Environmental Science

Beatrix Anne S. Santiago
Jan Justine A. Razon
Ronn Cyril H. Seruelas
Gabriel Jury SJ. Torres

II – Mitochondrion

March 2011


This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, hypotheses, significance of the study, scope and delimitations, and definition of terms.

A. Background of the Study
A Swiss knife is a universally known multi-functional tool. It mostly features tools like corkscrew, blades, tweezers, scissors and many other tools. This tool is essential considering it being compact and handy. It is very practical to keep this tool around especially, nowadays; people have fast paces to keep up with what’s going on. Even though it has serving purposes, it does not really apply to all types of people. Since it contains sharp objects, it is not advisable to hand this item to children. The researchers thought of a way to bring this item to school, where students can use it, by replacing its materials with essential school items.

The researchers decided recreate their own Swiss knife. Instead of mechanical tools, it would contain school must haves. Their basis was mainly because of its remarkable design of combining different items with their respective use in to one handy tool. The researchers saw the problem of students with losing important items such as pens. Being students as well, they came up with this idea to solve the problem.

Other than that, this could result into saving more money. Losing an item is losing money at the same time. People would be able to refrain from replacing lost items and buying new things again and again. It also keeps their things well organized. This could also lessen the heaviness of some students’ bags. Students would also be able to know how to make their own Swiss knife with their desired school items adding up to their knowledge and constructing skills.

Making a Swiss knife is a tricky process mainly because of its intricate design. It has actually been added to various art museums, one of which is the New York Museum of Modern Art, because of that. In 1891, Karl Elsener was the one who discovered how to put two blades on both sides of a handle. Transforming one and replacing the tools with school materials is a great challenge.

Today, the names Victorinox and Wenger are the top manufacturers and exporters of this tool. They had been innovating and remodeling the Swiss knife for years. Many models of Swiss knives from them have reached the market. Some have electronic devices in order to keep up with technology. There was also a model featured in the Guinness World Book of Records as the world’s most multifunctional penknife. An innovation of this item is what the researchers would want to achieve.

All the materials are found in the comfort of the city of Marikina. The researchers do not need expensive materials. They would want to use, if possible, recycled or secondhand materials to avoid spending money. Some alterations may be made to some materials. They would also want people to be able to rely on their own abilities and not to what is already there.

The researchers aim to create an item that can also apply in all aspects helping a person in some way, big or small. This study gives light to new and better things for the good of many.

B. Statement of the Problem
Losing items has been a problem of some people brought about by different activities and certain conditions and one’s carelessness. For the researchers, this common problem is a waste of money. They too, as students, experience this first hand and a lost item means trouble. Time management is also a problem. With this item, multitasking can be easily done. There is no need for searching certain items because it’s...
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