Suzanne Britt and Dave Barry

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Thing over with so they can sit down and watch the rasslin’ on TV. Neat people operate on two Unvarying principles: Never handle any item twice, and throw everything away. She starts her thoughts by describing the mindset of a sloppy person specialty. In Britt’s view sloppy people are superior to neat people since neat people are lazy, wasteful, and mean. Lazy, mean, wasteful, and insensitive are categories to explain her contrast difference. “A precise plan, that is so stupendous, so perfect it can’t be achieved in this word or the next’ ’Britt 255. “ Neat people are bums and clods at heart” Britt 256. Dave Barry stated and his essay “ Batting Clean-Up n Striking Out” Modern people often ask “How come when the ashes falling the Pompeii people didn’t just leave? The answer is that in Pompeii it was the custom for the men to do the homework. They never even noticed the ash until it had for most part covered the children “Hey! The men said (in Latin). It’s might quiet around here!” With these three example side by side, They both “Neat People Vs. Sloppy People”, and “ Batting Clean-Up n Striking Out”. Both are Lazy people but have very distinct differences. It shows the clear difference in how Britt and Barry are Incapable of being mean, unaware, and acknowledge. Dave Barry explains how Women are sensitive to things like dirt and cleaning Barry use the story of how his wife still notice dirt in the bathroom after he just clean it, and him and his wife were invited to a friend house for stimulating conversation on the night of a world Series Baseball Game. Example Barry wife ask him to clean Roberts bathroom watch I believe are there son Barry got the spray bottle of Windex and a wad of paper towels and Barry began to clean the bathroom a little while later Barry wife ask “I hate to rush you, but could you do Roberts bathroom? It’s really filthy”. As Barry stated when you used the word “filthy” to
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