John Brack and Cressida Campbell

Topics: Color, History of painting, Woodcut Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Structural- [Everything physical about Brack’s artworks- materials, images, compositional qualities, site (where) exhibited] * Painting
* Limited palette of colours
* Very strong linear design
* Painted thinly and carefully
* Often used outlines
* Brushstrokes are precise
* Lines are crisp and clear
* Repetition and pattern
* Organised and balanced
Subjective- [Personal response to theme/topic of both artist and audience] * In its time this picture celebrated the popularity of the new car in modern life and its increasingly important role in our leisure times. * Viewer looks down on the battle scene from an unusual angle * Tells a story of conflict between groups of people with different opinions * Emphasise the boredom of the occasion

* Observed people and situations
Cultural- [Influences: values and attitudes/social circumstance, racial/gender background, historical time=particular technologies, political/environmental context] * Greatest invention of the modern world

* Has changed people’s lives
* Available to Australians of all incomes in the early 1950’s * Ideal for taking the family out on drives to the country * He painted many battle scenes during the 1980’s
* Brack painted pens to stand for the ‘Yes’ side of the argument, and pencils to represent ‘No’. Both groups are arranged into forces as ‘armies’. * City environment
* Social events and rituals


Structural- [Everything physical about Campbell’s artworks- materials, images, compositional qualities, site (where) exhibited] * Carefully chosen colour
* Lines she has carved from the woodblock
* Carefully drawn
* Several coats of paint
* Freshens up the image with a spray of water
* End result is one coloured block, and one print-its mirror image * Enacts with colour, texture and composition
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