Sustainable Transportation

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Roger Mota
5th period
One physical trait that i share with my family is that we all have nice eyebrows. For me specially my eyebrows look nice only when i get a haircut. For my family having nice eyebrows is important because thats what were known for to have nice looking eyebrows. My little has nice eyebrows actually both of my little brothers do. My mom has amazing looking eyebrows, my father doesnt. My moms side of the family has nice eyebrows they all have very nice eyebrows. There is not a single person on my moms side of the family that doesnt have nice eyebrows and if they dont then something must be wrong with them or maybe they didnt have time to do them. Looking good is one thing that this family takes very serious not only with what we wear but also our facial hair. My eyebrows look ugly now because i havent gotten a haircut but when i do imma make sure that my eyebrows look super nice just so i can keep the family eyebrow tradition going and i will keep it for my kids and hopefully my kids will do the same with there kids. Getting my eyebrows done might seem weird but its not i mean celebraties do it all the time i dont see why i cant do it. Eyebrows must always look nice or else i will be forever mad at the world. My little brother has thin eyebrows he gets it from my mother i have thick eyebrows but i get it from my father. Hopefully my kids will always have nice looking eyebrows no matter what and also will my little brothers kids.
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