Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Nigeria

Topics: Sustainability, Sustainable development, Ecology Pages: 6 (1832 words) Published: February 23, 2013
This report studies sustainable management of natural resources in Nigeria. This it does with the aim to determine the extent to which the exploration of natural resources is managed in our country from 1960 till date. Also, given recommendations in which the resources can be managed.

Nigeria is one of those countries in Africa that is fairly rich with natural resources. For example Crude Oil, Coal, Iron, forest, farming, Fishing and so on. It is believed that natural resources development is one of the factors that help the country in some many areas like employment opportunities, economy and so on. The concept of resource is human centered concept. In order for something to be considered as resources, it must be perceived to have value by man. There are basically two types of natural resources: Biological resources and Non-Biological resources. The biological resources are forest; fishes, wildlife and so on are called renewable because they are capable of regeneration. Non biological resources for example Gold, Tin, Coal, and Iron are non renewable resources because they are not capable of regeneration except after long geological periods. Though development is a dynamic process in which there is no end point. In the process of developing these natural resources, the issues of sustainability must be put at the back of mind. That is, these mineral resources must be developed or processed in such a way that they would go into extinction so that the generation to come will be able to enjoy them. World Commission on Environment explains sustainable measures in the development of resources as necessary steps to take in developing the natural resources in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future. Sustainable development is a mode of consumption with the vision that seeks to provide for the needs of humanity while safeguarding the environment so that it will still be capable of providing for the needs of future generations of humanity. This term was originated by the Brundtland Commission whose definition of the term is the most internationally recognized. Sustainable development deals with more than environmental issues alone. Sustainable development is a process that comprises all aspects of human society that can affect human sustenance. This means that the conflict between the so-called “triple bottom line” must be resolved. Harmony must be achieved in the conflicting objectives of social equity, environmental quality and economic prosperity social equity. Living sustainably will go a long way towards sustainability of natural resources. Each of us can do our part and make it count. Our natural resources will not last forever at the rate that human society is using them up. Recycling, reducing waste generation, and conservation of valuable resources are our best measures so that our ecosystems will still be capable of providing for the generations to come. Sustainability stands on three main pillars Social, Economy and Environment. Social development refers to changes that are beneficial to the society. It refers to continuous process that evolves the society leading to its present as well as future growth. Economy development refers to the growth in the country interacy, life expectancy, poverty etc that is processes that leads the society to betterment. Environmental development is referred to the process of preserving and protecting the natural resources. Though there are been some sustainable measures in the past for the development of development of natural resources but more has to be done.

2.0Methodology and Discussion
For the purpose of this study the sustainable measures for the Forest and Minerals development would be discussed. Sustainable Measure in Forest Development in Nigeria
Sustainability is a term that has gained much popularity in recent time. It means that a resource is used in...
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