Environmental Challenges Ghana Faces and Suggested Solutions

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Environmental management can be described as the process by which the collection of policies, structures, resources, systems and processes are brought to mutual interplay for the achievement of clearly defined environmental policy directives (EPA). Ghana, a developing country, is facing so many environmental challenges despite the policies put in place by the various institutions to help curb this problem. Some of these challenges are lack of proper waste management, deforestation, pollution, land or soil degradation, desertification and resource depletion among others. This essay seeks to elaborate briefly on some of the main environmental challenges confronting Ghana and also throw more light on the concept of sustainable development. To start with, lack of proper waste management is one of the major environmental problems Ghana faces today. The types of waste found in Ghana are solid waste (which includes industrial waste, agricultural waste and mining residue), liquid waste (which include sewage, grey water and industrial effluents) and gaseous waste (which includes carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and halons). Billions of tons of solid and plastic waste are thrown out annually in Ghana. The problem of waste in Ghana is mainly caused by improper waste disposal on the part of Ghanaians. This is evidenced by the fact that some communities in Accra such as Chorkor, Oblogo, and Nima are filled with waste and this is similar in all other regions in Ghana. This problem is due to the fact that Ghana lacks proper waste management systems. For instance, in Ghana, apart for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which has instituted some measures to help solve this menace, there is only one waste management company known as Zoom Lion Ghana LTD which is a private company which helps in waste collection. Deforestation is also one of the major environmental challenges Ghana faces. Deforestation is simply cutting down trees without replanting new trees to replace the...
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