Sustainable Food Practices

Topics: Agriculture, Sustainability, Water Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: March 12, 2012
Task 1
Investigation into sustainable Food Practices
Task 1
Investigation into sustainable Food Practices

By Tayler Cooper and Nicole Douglas
By Tayler Cooper and Nicole Douglas

Sustainable Food Practices- Environmental
Sustainable food practises are actions that can be taken to improve the provision and consumption of sustainable foods. The three points that will be discussed regarding the environmental issue is the desalination plants that are being constructed around Australia, monoculture and the use of pesticides in growing foods. Monoculture is the practice of growing one crop continuously over one area and desalination is the removal of salt and other minerals from saline water. Paragraph 1- Desalination plants

* The affects of the desalination plants affects not only the marine life but also the consumers. * In South Australia the government is in the process of building a plant. When the plant is working the excess salt will be dumped back into the sea water, creating very high concentrations of salt. * Imposes a health risk to the animals. If salt concentration is too high it can cause the animals to become extinct. An example of this if the high concentrations make whiting extinct. This means that humans would have lost a food source and this can eventually lead to the extinction of more than one animal. * Desalination plants are both sustainable and unsustainable. It all depends on where the salt is placed after it has been extracted from the water. Therefore if it is continuously placed into the sea it is not sustainable. Paragraph 2-Monoculture

* Affects the crop grower and the crop area itself
* Has many advantages and disadvantages
* If one crop is grown in the same place over a period of time it can allow diseases to soak into the soil. * This can cause a new species of crop to die.
* Monoculture is unsustainable if kept for too long. To make it sustainable it is best to change the crop...
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