Suspense, Horror and Action Movies

Topics: Film, Horror film, Emotion Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: February 23, 2012
The scent of popcorn in the midair, the sound of the soda bottles being opened, the comfortable chairs, and the enormous screens are some of the motives why most people love watching a movie in a cinema. To really experience a film it must be seen on the big screen. The darkness, the high-quality presentations, the thriving sound, and the size of the screen generate an atmosphere that augments the joy of seeing a film. But I consider there are only a few genres that are capable of making the theater experience meaningful and eternal. The three top categories to see in a cinema are, without doubts: suspense, horror, and action. Suspense movies are the most attention grabbing of the three genres. They bounce a feeling of hesitation and nervousness about the outcome of the multiple actions. With tension being a primary emotion, suspense frequently makes people expect bad things, but also have a bigger perspective on the advancing events. The audience usually experiences an incessant mixed of feelings that make their hearts beat strongly and ceaseless. As a result, a good suspense movie grabs them from the beginning and doesn't let them go until their hearts have stopped. Horror films are usually more petrifying than suspense. This type of flick commonly provokes a negative emotional response from viewers by playing on the audience's most primal terrors. The lack of light, the neutral colors, and the unexpected and frightening sounds, turn the big screen in a wall of nightmares. This kind of movie often features sections that disconcert the spectators over the macabre and the paranormal. Its primary objective is to get people to experience fear by means of situations that evoke anger and tension, making them uncomfortable. The terrifying horror movies strap the viewers for a haunted ride. Action movies are big attention absorbing films; they are the greatest piece of cinema that can be watched in a theater. These types of flicks generally show a...
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