Why Wee Crave Horror Movie

Topics: Horror film, Fear, Horror and terror Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Why we still crave in horror movie when we are scare?
In Stephen King’s Article it mention three main points.
The first one is showing our courage, that we are not afraid in horror movie. It doesn’t mean that we don’t scream. In contrast, we scream when the roller coaster twists through a complete 360. Horror movie just like roller coaster, if it can’t make us scream only means the movie is not excited enough.

The second one is to ensure that we are normal. To confirm that although we are not as beauty as a star but we are still better than the character in the horror movie
However, these two reasons are not the main reason why we crave horror movie. At the beginning of the article, he said “I think that we’re all mentally ill” The test has already proven this statement at least people in this classroom are all crazy. He believes that we are mentally ill and crazy but only in different level/degree. Our insanity leads us only talk to ourselves when we are under stress or squinch our faces into horrible grimaces when we believe no one is watching.

As we are all insane, we have to practice our anticivilization emotion from time to time. What is anticivilization emotion? For example the excitement and hyper emotion when seeing others are killed or being menaced. However, in this civilized society, when we seeing someone was killed us should show our sympathy. Our teacher teaches us we should have love, loyalty, kindness etc. when we practice this emotion we applaud.

For example, if we give a kiss to our sister, the adult will praise us. In contrast if we put her finger in the door hinge, scold would comes follow.
Although we keep the anticivilization emotion from getting out, it demands a periodic exercise. Therefore we choose to watch horror movie, we can let loose to scream. We don’t need to care for the civilized emotion. We can laugh when we see someone was killed, because we know that it is only a movie, and all people in this theater...
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