Surfrider Foundation

Topics: Surfing, Ocean, Environmentalism Pages: 4 (1576 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The earth is currently facing some very serious issues in our environment, global warming, air pollution and the unlimited use of our natural resources, just to name a few. With activist groups on both sides of the isle, it’s hard to decide at times which way to lean. Each side usually appears to have a very valid line of reasoning when it comes to their side of the argument. For example; according to column writer Trevor Brown of the Wyoming News, “an environmental group in the state of Wyoming is considering legal action against a wind farm because they feel that it would devastate local sage grouse and golden eagle populations. They claimed that the wind farm's location would interfere with habitat of the birds and therefore cause a dramatic decrease in their populations. The advocates for the wind farm say that the farm is at a high enough altitude that it would not interfere with the birds at all. In short, if the courts rule in favor of the Chokecherry Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project, construction will proceed as early as 2013.” (Brown) But what if a group of locals, from Southern California, begin to raise issues regarding the protection of local beaches? In 1984 this is precisely what happened, thus the Surfrider Foundation was created. The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization that began in 1984 when a group of surfers were determined to voice their opinions regarding the protection of their local beaches. For more than five decades, it has been the popular opinion of many, that surfers are young, carefree individuals whose friends are all named "Dude." They roll out of their waterbeds around 10:00a.m., grab some organic nuts, and hit the beach in search of the perfect wave. They are not likely to do much work beyond carrying their surfboards, and express bewilderment at the suggestion that anyone would be concerned with anything beyond the next breaker. At least this is the picture that has been painted. But according to Jim...
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