Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2

Topics: Teacher, The Child, Child Pages: 3 (1295 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Support children and young
People’s positive behaviour
Behaviour can have an effect on how children learn and thrive it is therefore important that all staff/ adults at a school have rules and procedures in place for good and bad behaviour. If a child is constantly mis-behaving this can if, for example the child needs to be removed from the class mean they miss important learning time etc, it can also be disruptive and have an effect on the rest of the class. It is not fair if a member of staff is pre-occupied by bad behaviour from a child as this means time they should be spending teaching is reduced. It is equally as important to praise good behaviour, this shows individuals and the whole class that good behaviour is positive and as they get older what is expected, making school a happier more positive and enjoyable experience. It is therefore important that the staff and pupils are fully aware of the policies set in place like behaviour policies which will include the “school rules” how to manage behaviour correctly what rewards and sanctions a school has in place, how to deal with things like bullying, conflict and inappropriate behaviour and also the risks involved with Health and Safety. A code of conduct (set of rules) is aimed to promote positive behaviour and should be set out in a way that is not negative i.e:- around school I should walk quietly rather than at school I should NOT run, or at school we treat others with respect and kindness, younger children will need to be explained what respect means, it is also good to frequently discuss with children the rules and the positive reasons they are there, and they are there to make everyone safe and that kindness etc will help make school a calm and happy environment to be. It is also good to have poster etc on the walls around school to help remind the children what is acceptable. As well as this it is good to encourage positive behaviour by showing them the same rules and respect, to them and other...
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