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  • Published: March 25, 2013
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Supporting Notes
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The play me and my group chose to do was ‘Private Lives’ by Noel Coward. The play Private Lives focuses on a divorced couple who discover that they are honeymooning with their new partners in neighbouring rooms at the same hotel. Even though they had a difficult relationship they realise that they still have feelings for each other. We chose this play as we had the right amount of people needed so we each had a character. We also found this play to be quite comedic and felt this would be the play that would suit our group best. The extracts we decided to do was the time Elliot and Amanda first speak on their balconies, we chose this scene as it shows how both characters feel towards each other; we see Elliot is surprised to see Amanda this leads on to the later scene with Victor and Amanda on the balcony, Amanda tells Victor about seeing Elliot and she tries to get Victor to leave for Paris. The 3rd scene we decided to do was between Sybil and Elliot, in this scene Elliot tries to get Sybil to leave for Paris but mentions nothing about speaking to Amanda and makes excuses about earthquakes. These scenes both show how their previous relationship has affected their new ones; it has caused arguments and later leads on to Elliot and Amanda getting back together. The two final extracts we chose were when Elliot and Amanda have a fight, this shows even though they still have feelings for each other they still have a difficult relationship, this scene makes them realise why they split up in the first place. The other scene was when Victor and Sybil argue, all the characters are sat in the room together. During this scene we see Elliot and Amanda being affectionate by blowing kisses across the table. This scene ends with Victor and Sybil shouting at each other and closes after Sybil slaps Victor. The extracts we chose clearly showed how each relationship changed throughout the honeymoon and how the storyline developed throughout the play. The practitioner we decided to use was Katie Mitchell. Katie Mitchell has taken inspiration from Stanislavski’s system of realism. Katie believes in researching and developing characters as much as possible to portray a realistic character and make the audience believe and feel involved in the characters life when on stage, these are her aims. My aims when performing are to develop the character as much as I can to connect with the audience, I will do this by researching the background of the character on the internet doing this will improve my knowledge about the character which will help me become the character better and get a better understanding of who my character is and why she does what she does throughout the play. For our production elements we went with a realistic look, this is because of the practitioner we chose. Katie Mitchell is known for her realism methods that she carries out throughout all her different productions. Our set will be in a blacked out room, this will enhance our lighting and give better effects as if we were just sitting in an apartment. We will have backboards behind the staging area this gives us the opportunity to customise it such as project a moving image on it or we can leave it blank and have the audience focus on the main set. For our staging instead of using curtains to switch between sets or to go off stage an advantage of being in a black out room is we can dim the lights and change sets, this will make it quicker when changing between sets. For our characters the boy’s will be wearing suits, this is because the play we are doing focuses on quite high class people so wearing a suit will fit their role more and make it seem more realistic. The girl’s will be wearing dress’s this will fit their role better and will also show of that the girls are also high class. This relates to Katie Mitchell because she is known for naturalistic plays, so making our play as realistic and naturalistic as possible will connect us more to the...
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