Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Executive Summary

The major objective of this empirical study is to investigate the relationship between supply chain vulnerability and supply chain risk and its effect on firm performance by means of a survey. With the emergence of a fierce competitive business environment, supply chain risk management has become a primary focus for companies across all domains and industries. With series of catastrophes and disasters, along with a firm’s new age strategies like outsourcing and globalization of market, have put a severe strain on the supply chain on these firms. Hence it becomes imperative to firms to first identify the kinds of risk they could likely face in the near future and plan for contingency measures.

In this study, we will identify a set of supply chain vulnerability drivers and empirically determine how these drivers are positively related to various supply chain risk factors such as supply side risk, demand side risk, catastrophic risk, infrastructure risk and regulatory legal & bureaucratic risk. Some of the supply chain vulnerability drivers are Customer dependence, Supplier dependence, global sourcing, single sourcing, multi-sourcing, etc. By careful analysis of the supply chain risk topologies given, we would empirically validate constructs of different classes of supply chain risk sources by survey methodology.

This study would help auto, chemical and manufacturing industries to explain how a select set of supply chain characteristics increase or decrease the loss or damage, a firm experiences from supply chain disruptions that would in turn give managers important information for their decisions on supply chain design.

We would survey executives in logistics and supply chain management firms and to maintain diversity and avoid any systematic bias in the responses, we would take the survey across multiple industries such as auto, manufacturing and chemical industries. We wish to capture how firms are negatively affected (supply...
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