Supply Chain Management of Hewlett Packard

Topics: Hewlett-Packard, David Packard, Dell Pages: 7 (2177 words) Published: January 16, 2013
MGT 441

Supply Chain Management of Hewlett Packard and Dell Inc.

Faculty Advisor:
Gary Solomon

Luke P

National University
2 August, 2012

Executive Summary
Creating and maintaining a successful supply chain within a business can prove to be one of the largest challenges in developing a successful foundation. Learning the processes involved and understanding the approaches necessary to achieve success can be lessons studied over a life time; the possible growth and accomplishments can most certainly be derived from proper supply chain management. The different aspects of supply chain management appeal to a wide variety of businesses in many different ways, particular situations will complement companies in their specific circumstances. The ability to grasp these concepts and relate them to a particular company is a large part of the process; understanding the values of a company and relaying that information in a progressive structure will profit a company and will help control the purpose in development of management strategies.

The Overview of Hewlett Packard
In a world of constant change being able to adapt can sometimes be a struggle, especially when dealing with the largest tool of progression…technology. Hewlett Packard is the world’s largest Internet Technology Company with a portfolio that covers anything from printing and personal computers to software and services. There infrastructure is so vast and expansive that constant revision and attention is necessary to keep this companies supply chain successful and dominant in the field of technology. Hewlett Packard has been one of the largest and most powerful companies in the interests of technology; with new endeavors being explored this company has gained modern perspectives on progressive concepts and designs within their strategies towards supply chain innovations. HP began in a garage by two men by the names of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard back in 1939, they first created an electronic test instrument used by sound engineers. These men took a great idea and turned it into an enterprise that currently services over 170 Countries and has then, developed new technologies to service and communicate all over the world. HP has successfully created an extremely large team that uses its knowledge in technology services to help build a more productive and efficient environment for the entire process of product generation and steady flow of goods. Current goals and marketing strategies has entered HP into a new era and with determination to achieve, this company has proven to be quite successful in promotional abilities and competitive pricing.

The Overview of Dell Inc.
In a world of innovative technologies and ever-expanding product development, comparative and competitive companies will emerge…such as Dell Inc. This company began to develop by a man named Michael Dell who at the age of 19 started a computer-upgrade company in 1984. From the early 1980’s through the late 1990’s Mr. Dell took his design-it-yourself methods of building a computer system and fully “liberated personal computing in its own image, providing a cost-effective alternative to IBM PCs and Apple Macintoshes (Preimesberger, 2011).” In 1996 Dell started selling home computers through the internet and since then has built the company to a market cap of $26.6 billion. Mr. Dell has done an amazing job with proper marketing skills and has always paid close attention to promotional abilities and innovative ways to keep pricing competitive and product quality at a high. With a well designed supply chain and focus on developmental ideas to keep Dell as one of the top technology providers; this company has then branched out into hardware and software services. This plan of action has since then evolved into many more aspects of services and at the same time kept that initial advantage with PC business and solid innovations towards new...
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