Supply Chain for Dell

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Executive summary

Supply chain management has gradually been accepted by strategy makers in corporations all over the world, who are keep trying to make corporations more competitive through supply chain management. During this process, information system means a lot, which determines whether the supply chain can work well. Success of DELL is mainly determined by the quick response supply chain system, using an efficiency information system. Especially in this informative period, information acquiring ability means everything. Details on DELL supply chain managing through information system are also stated here.

Table of content

1.0 Introduction2
2.0 Corporation information system3
2.1 Supply chain forming3
2.2 Corporation information flow under e-commerce environment4 2.3 How to become more competitive with information acquiring4 3.0 Quick response of DELL supply chain information system5 3.1 Direct information exchange between DELL and clients5 3.2 Direct information exchange with suppliers6

3.3 Quick information exchange with the market7
3.4 Quick response of component supply7
3.5 Quick response of selling logistics8
4.0 Conclusions9
5.0 References9

1.0 Introduction

With rapid development of information technology, distance between corporations has become shorter and shorter,at the same time demanding of consumers changes with seconds. As a result, creating competitive advantage completely merely depends on a single corporation becomes more and more difficulty. On this condition competitions are no longer happen between corporations, but supply chain. Supply chain means a lot to corporation in this trend of globalization. On the other side, supply chain is greatly influenced by information exchange among all the notes. DELL is a corporation who manages its supply chain through efficiency information exchange with clients, suppliers and market, making the business more competitive. On the other side, quick response of components supply and logistics also means a lot to the status of this corporation.

2.0 Corporation information system

As is known to all, no corporation can live in the world without certain technology and knowledge. However, with the development of knowledge economy and information economy period, competitions among corporations nowadays are more tightly with the ability of information acquiring and using. Then how to manage and use information becomes key element for company competitive power. Nowadays Corporation information system is a man-machine system using modern management ideal and methods to make working process more efficiency. (Hong, 2007)

2.1 Supply chain forming

Under the background of global integration, global market has gradually formed, causing harder press from competitors. On the other side, as the demanding of producers change from time to time, there develops a supply chain from suppliers. On conditions of constantly development of modern economic, manufactures has gradually raised higher and higher demands towards suppliers, who are asked to supply goods with high integration level to reduce tradition cost and increase efficiency. All of the above force suppliers to form a supply chain, needing more information communication among corporations and suppliers. In that way, information using ability can sharply influence supply chain.

2.2 Corporation information flow under e-commerce environment

E-commerce is a new tool developed these years to make daily traces easier and faster, which has already be treated as a competitive strategy. (Gierlowski, 2009) E-commerce substitutes traditional paper for digitizing net and appliance, in which way to form a new type of trade service. Former retail model will be taken place by net and people purchase goods directly from internet. Target choosing and location will be more dependent on material from net, while corporations can realize electronic payment, fund...
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