Supperstitution in Cambodia

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  • Published : December 25, 2010
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Text Preview Superstition in Cambodia
For a very long time ago, the advance of technology and science were at very low rate, unlikely from nowadays. So, people started to believe in superstition. They have believed in things that are unseen and unknown – even up to now, although some people have turned their aspects on the science and modern technologies. On my point of view, I can’t say that I don’t believe in superstition at all, nor can I say that I thoroughly have belief in superstition. As a matter of fact, everything always has its advantages and disadvantages. I, accordingly, choose to believe in superstition fifty percent, and another fifty percent on science. I have my own reasons by saying that. I think that superstition has some good points that people have taken for granted up to these days. As we can all see in our everyday lives, superstition makes people afraid of sins which they think they will get from their deeds. Imagine, for example, if there is no superstition, people will become fierce and kill each other like animals, for they know no sins or good deeds. Another example, there also contains some good advices in superstition, including in the religions like Buddhism, Jesus, etc. In Buddhism, the Buddha advises us who are Buddhists a lot of good advices which are very significant in our social lives, such as counseling people to have morality, to respect and to be open-hearted to each other, etc. Therefore, these examples show that superstition plays important roles in our living in the society. Despite from these advantages, I think superstition has its disadvantages as well. For instance, if people believe too much in superstition without careful consideration, it can affect their mentality badly, and it is capable to lead them to bad ways and can even destroy their whole life because of that. When a person is too religious, he or she will think that they can get or achieve anything due to...
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