Super Size Me: a Review and Summary of the Documentary

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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The documentary "Super Size Me" is very interesting and thought-provoking. This film tells the story of a very healthy, middle-aged man named Morgan Spurlock who decided to find out how bad fast food actually is for the body. He guessed that the reason America is so obese is because of the amount of fast food that they consume. In order to see if this belief was correct, he decided that he would eat at McDonald's three times a day for an entire month. He had to order supersized meals when asked, and eat everything on the menu at least once. He also could not walk more than the average American exercises each day. As part of the experiment, he asked many people what they thought of McDonald's and how often they ate there. At first, the new diet did not make a huge difference to Spurlock, but after about a week he started to feel a change in his physical and mental health. He felt tired, irritable, and depressed, with quick mood swings. He acquired stomachaches, and physical activities wore him out quickly. When he visited his doctors, he learned that he was gaining about a pound a day, and his cholesterol and blood pressure were rising. By the end of the month, he had gained twenty-five pounds, thirteen percent of his original body mass. Fourteen months after the experiment ended he managed to lose all of his extra weight, but his doctors warned that he had done irreversible damage to his liver. Spurlock concluded that fast food is dangerous, unhealthy, and likely the reason why America is so obese.
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