Critique of Super Size Me Movie

Topics: McDonald's, Television, Super Size Me Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Super-Size Me In 3-D
Mass-media is one of the most abundant forms of communication in this ever advancing society. From the old fashioned radios and paperboy routes of yesteryear to the flooded prime time television programing and internet surfing of today, these mediums have served as the best forms of information dispersement. Alongside today’s breaking news articles and weather reports are constant reminders of the new restaurant that opened down the street or a new film in the movie theater that you have seen twice already. These examples are products of a company’s use of subliminal messaging. The focus is to constantly bombard you with the fact that you want what they offer to the point it would be hard to resist. The fast food restaurant McDonald’s pours billions of dollars into TV advertisements to achieve this with target audience being our children. This is just one of many topics of discussion mentioned in Morgan Spurlock’s film ”Super-Size Me”.

In Spurlock’s film he makes a decision to take on the controversial proposition set by a Judge in a lawsuit filed against the fast food restaurant McDonald’s. In this lawsuit two teenagers staked the claim that the restaurant was solely responsible for their obesity and in turn “injured” them. Even though the definition of the statement “injured” was not fully determined it was ruled that if sufficient evidence was presented showing that McDonald’s intended for a potential customer to eat their product every day and doing so would be harmful they would have a case. In light of this circumstance Spurlock decided to conduct an experiment in which he would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the establishment for thirty days exclusively. While conducting this experiment he attained the assists medical professionals to monitor any change in his condition while also conducting additional research for himself. Other research presented in the movie consisted of interviews conducted with various health...
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