Summery Breakdown of the Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

Topics: Albert Camus, Thought, The Guest Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: June 1, 2011
English 5-25-11


Perfect example of allegory… a story with a second meaning for story…

Everything is seemingly perfect. But people are walking away from society that is more perfect because of one child…

Moral to the story…
could be that, happiness comes at a price and if your willing to pay that price for the suffering child for your happiness then okay but if not then you walk away from omelas…

BUT< anyone who has to step on someone else to get to where you are, it broadly relates to it….


Even though they said he healed the child they still exploited him, they was goignto release them till they saw people out there and they started maing money…

But if they gave you his thoughts and all then your not left to figure out and test your bekief on if he was an angel or not… makes him more mythical..

Old man-

HOW he could be considered an angel?
-patient, did speak unknown language, flew, not thoughts or feelings, didn’t escape at first. Never got angry, miracles started happening, how much elisinda changed with him there… it said she was cryin but then she was cutting onions. So we don’t know….

HOW he be considered Not angel?
-old, dressed like a “rag-piker”, parasites in wings, didn’t understand latin, if was an angel then why couldn’t he fly early, why he have to wait?



Father Gonzaga-

The baby-

Wise neighbor lady-

Point of view-
Omniscient but notable exception to the main character! The man with the wings.

Magical have a realistic type of story but suddenly weird thing happens that has an element of fantasy… like butterflies poppin out of body… An old man with enormous wings wrote like this.. normal guy but has wings…




Arab (guest)-

So they technically all three are guest… some in foreign lands, the prisoner… etc….

Prisoner said no to freedom cuz he knew...
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