Summerhil School

Topics: Education, A. S. Neill, Teacher Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: April 29, 2013
In Modern life if we want to be a successful, don’t run behind success, but try your best that success stand behind you. Summerhill school is an ideal school because its provide freedom and a stress-free environment for students. Students study in their natural form and also its helps to develop self–motivation. Summerhill School provides choice and opportunities that allow students to explore new things and new ideas. Due to a non – compulsory attendance of lessons, student’s enjoy learning and their prejudiced against teacher’s. Student’s will develop and show more respect for tutors and its make more responsible adults. However, giving freedom is not always finomalous because it has two sides, Student may be taught creativity and self–regulation in the atmosphere of Summerhill school, but the people need to compare the student’s to another conditions. These are deficiency in the education and it is not enough protection by the adult was taught letting the children unsupervised. Students may not cover essential subjects in their learning. All students should have basic knowledge in maths, science, English, history and real world. The Summerhill School allow children to be completely free to play as much as they like creative and imaginative play is an essential part of childhood and development. The success is not defined by academic achievement of Summerhill School, but by the child’s own definition of success. I hold that the aim of life is to find happiness. In Summerhill School, everyone has equal rights. Every student can vote, they can think for themselves.

In conclusion Summerhill is a rare school in the world where the student have freedom of learning and less of stress. The key to life is also happiness and freedom. If success isn’t around you it can be the darkest hour. Summerhill School founder Mr.AS Neill himself described his vision, saying: “ I would rather Summerhill produced a happy street cleaner than a...
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