Summary of Virgin Mary

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Maria Montejano
Professor Ahamdpour
Art 7
7 May 2013
Virgin De Guadalupe
There is many images that fallow the characterizations of the portrait of the virgin de Guadalupe. The Virgin de Guadalupe has had a big impact in the culture of Mexico including their politics. There are many stories of how this image of the Virgin de Guadalupe came to appear. Her image has appeared to be a sign of freedom for the indigenous people during this time. She was also was abducted in the cults of New Spain. Documents show that the Guadalupe was first seen on the 8th of December 1531 in a town called Tepayacac in the north part of Mexico city. She appeared to a native named Juan Diego on a hill she to him in their native language, which was Nahuatl. She told Juan Diego to tell the church to have something in her honor but they rejected his requested they did not believe him. They soon became convinced the third time he went back to tell them his cloak was full of roses that dropped down and there was a live image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. That image have been iconized and worshiped through out the Mexican culture and it is still presented in modern today.

Tepayac was a place that served the pre-Columbian deities which was a reference to the name of “our revered mother earth”. This place was perfectly chosen for the appearance of Guadalupe, which had many, chapels. The many cults of the Virgin Guadalupe was iconized and worshiped by the Spaniards. They showed very great devotion to her image. Many people think that a native artist created the iconic painting. The painting was a reference of the biblical text of the Apocalyptic Women. The creators of the image have had use the book of revelation to model this image. In the presentation of the Virgin de Guadalupe appeared to be as the women of revelation. The woman of revelation was described to be “clothed with sun, and moon under her feet.” The Virgin Guadalupe...
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