Summary of the Odyssey

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  • Published : May 11, 2012
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14 March 2012
The ( Astonishing / Astounding / Outstanding ) Odyssey

In the beginning of the movie, Odysseus's only son is born, Telemachus. Soon after though, Greece is at war with Troy, and the kings Agamemnon and Menalayes come to Ithica to force him to help fight in the war. He is forced to leave his new born son and wife, Penelope. Before he goes though, he tells her that she must marry if Telemachus has a beard and Odysseus has not returned.

On his way towards Troy, Athena appears to him for the first time in the movie, and tells him that he must be strong and brave. She tells him that he must defeat the Trojans.
After seven years of battle, the Trojans appear to have won, but Odysseus devises a plan to win the war. Him and his men hid inside of a wooden horse, which was then given to the Troy as a gift. The Trojans unknowingly accepted and bring it into the city. When night fell, Odysseus and his men snuck out of the horse and attacked Troy unarmed from the inside. This won them the war and they conquered Troy.

Before sailing out to return to Ithica, Odysseus talks to Poseidon. Poseidon claims that he helped him in defeating Troy, but Odysseus refuses to thank him. For this, Poseidon vows that he will suffer for his arrogance. To begin his revenge on Odysseus, Poseidon separated his ship from the rest of the fleet, causing them to be lost at sea.

After sailing blindly, they arrive at an unknown island. They find what appears to be an inhabited cave, so they bring wine to give to the owner as a gift, and in exchange for water. However, they learn that the resident of the cave is the Cyclops Polyphemus. Odysseus and his men are trapped inside by a huge rock, that only Polyphemus can move, as they are feasted upon by the Cyclops. So, Odysseus devises the plan to escape. He tells the Cyclops that his name is "Nobody" and that there is magic in his head. He then tricks the Cyclops into getting drunk and passing out. While he...
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