The Odyssey Study Guide (Books 9-16)

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A. Odysseus Reveals Identity, Tells Phaeacians About Ismarus and Cicones i. Odysseus reluctanty shares his identity with Phaeacians ii. Odysseus then details his adventures, starting after his victory at Troy iii. Odysseus and men sail to Ismarus, stronghold of Cicones iv. They easily sack the city, kill the men, enslave the women and plunder v. Odysseus warns men to leave with their riches, but they ignore him vi. Cicones counterattack and rout the Greeks

vii. Odysseus and men retreat back to sea, losing six men per ship

B. Island of Lotus Eaters, Odysseus Rescues His Men
i. Zeus sends a storm that drives Odysseus and men out to sea for nine days before they arrive at the Island of the Lotus Eaters ii. Lotus Eaters eat fruit that makes them forget everything except fruit iii. Two of Odysseus Men eat the fruit and forget about home iv. Odysseus manages to drag them back to the ship and leave

C. Land of Cyclopes, Polyphemus Captures, ‘Nobody’ Blinded Polyphemus i. Odysseus and men arrive at Land of Cyclopses and eat some goats ii. They arrive at mainland and find a cave of sheep, milk and cheese iii. They take provisions and sheep but don’t leave immediately iv. Polyphemus, Cyclops and Poseidon’s son, returns to cave v. Polyphemus friendly at first, then eats two men and capture the rest vi. Odysseus gives Polyphemus some wine, gets him drunk, and blinds him in his sleep vii. Odysseus says his name is ‘Nobody’, and Polyphemus yells to the other Cyclopes that ‘Nobody’ is killing him, they leave viii. Odysseus wants to kill Polyphemus, but only Polyphemus can move the boulder blocking their path ix. Odysseus and men escape with sheep, and finally shouts his name x. Polyphemus hears Odysseus name and calls to his father Poseidon and asks for vengeance

X. BOOK 10

A. Aeolus Gives Winds, Almost Return To Ithaca, Men Open Bag Of Winds i. Odysseus and men travel to home of Aeolus, Ruler of Winds ii. Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag full of the winds except West Wind, and uses West Wind to send him home iii. After ten days, Odysseus and men can see Ithaca and are almost home iv. Men think that Aeolus gave Odysseus gold and tear open bag v. Winds are released and blow them all the way back to Aeolus vi. Aeolus refuses to help them a second time, says that Odysseus is hated by the gods and they wish to do him harm

B. Laestrygonians, King Antiphates Eats Men, Only Odysseus’s Ship Survives i. Without the winds, ships must row and reach Laestrygonians ii. Laestrygonians turn out to be cannibalistic giants, eat Odysseus’s men iii. Odysseus and surviving men return to their ships, but Laestrygonians throw huge boulders and sink many of the ships iv. Only Odysseus’s ship and his crew survive and flee

C. Circe Changes Men To Pigs, Hermes Helps, Odysseus Beds Circe, Circe Helps i. Odysseus and men arrive at Aeaea, home to the witch-goddess Circe ii. Circe drugs Odysseus’s men and change them in to pigs iii. Odysseus goes to rescue them and meets Hermes in disguise iv. Hermes tells Odysseus to eat moly to protect him from Circe’s drug and lunge at Circe when she goes in strike him with her sword v. Odysseus beats Circe and forces her to change his men back to humans vi. Odysseus bed Circe for a year, men finally convince him to go home vii. Odysseus asks Circe how to return home, she says he must go to Hades to ask Tiresias the blind prophet how to finally return home viii. One of Odysseus men broke his neck and died just before they left


A. Odysseus Attracts Dead, Tiresias Reveals, Meets Other Famous Dead i. Odysseus travels to Land of the Dead, near Cimmerians
ii. Odysseus and men perform rites and sacrifices to summon dead iii. First dead to show is man who broke neck, asks to be properly buried iv....
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