Summary of the Novel No Place Like Home

Topics: Cartwright Sound, American film actors, Murder Pages: 12 (4736 words) Published: March 19, 2013
By Mary Higgins Clark

Major Characters:

Liza Barton/Celia Foster Nolan – main character; acquitted of deliberately killing her mother and trying to kill her stepfather Ted Cartwright – stepfather of Liza Barton
Alex Nolan – second husband of Liza Barton
Laurence Foster – first husband of Liza Barton
Jack – son of Liza Barton and Larry Foster
Audrey Barton – mother of Liza Barton
Will Barton – father of Liza Barton who died
Jeffrey MacKingsley – prosecutor of Morris County, had a particular interest in seeing that the mischief that had once again fared up at the Barton home be squelched once and for all Dru Perry – a 60 year old seasoned veteran of 40 years as a reporter Georgette Grove – selling agent; boss of Henry Paley and Robert Carpenter Robert Carpenter – Georgette’s secretary-receptionist

Henry Paley – the real estate agent
Marcella Williams – a 50-years old woman who was the neighbor of the house of Liza Barton; lived in the old mill Lane when the tragedy occurred; a kind of gossip woman Zach Willet – 62-years old leather face, hard-muscled body and callused hands who gave mute testimony to the fact that he was a lifelong outdoorsman; worked at the Washington Valley riding Club from the time he was 12-years old; gave give riding lessons Benjamin Fletcher - lawyer who had been appointed to defend Liza Barton Charley Hatch – live in one of the smallest houses in Mendham, 44yrs. old and childly attractive with dark blood hair and an olive complexion made a good living out of the residents of Mendham but had a deep-seated resentment toward his wealthy clients Sergeant Clyde Earley – police force in the town for over 30yrs. Detective Paul Walsh – early 50’s with chubby faced with thinning hair and serious demeanor; in-charge of the investigation into Georgette grove’s death

Minor Characters:

Dr. Moran – a psychologist in California where Liza Barton went to live after the trial Kathleen and Martin Kellogg – distant cousins of Liza Barton who adopted her Jane Salzman – first buyer of the house but left because she always claimed that the house had a creepy feeling Mark and Louise Harriman – second and last buyer of the house but flipped out when they saw the sign on the lawn and the life-size doll with a pistol in its hand on the porch last Halloween prank Anna Maloy – secretary of Jeffrey MacKingsley

Mort Shelley and Angelo Ortiz – two veteran investigators Michael Buckley – a 12-year old child who was suspected that he pulled the Halloween trick last year but proved that he is not capable of doing it. Brian Shields – desk officer whom Georgette had known since he was a child Billy – classmate and friend of Jack

Miss Durkin – teacher of Jack
Gina – friend of Liza when she was a kid
Jimmy Walker- workman who turned to be a mason who has been hired by the real estate agent to polish the limestone Diane Wesley – model and former girlfriend of Cartwright
Jarrett Alberti – a locksmith; the second person who find the body of Georgette Grove Rick Kling – a detective who was assigned to check out the paint stores Ken Sharkey – Dru Perry’s editor of the newspaper

Constance Liller – late wife of Henry Paley
Richard Acherman – elderly lawyer who is the senior partner of Alex’s law firm Joan Donlan – right hand of Liza when she had the interior design business and who is closest she have to an intimate friend Thomas Madison – cousin of georgette grove

Maggie – a 4-year old girl Jack was planning to marry
Julie Brett – another of Ted’s girlfriend who revealed that she had been subpoenated by the defense to refute Ted’s claim that he had never physically abused a woman Natalie – wife of Jim Hartford

Ken Sharkey – editor of Dru Perry, a beanpole of a man whose quizzical expression seemed permanently etched on his features Joan Simons, Lee Woods, Cynthia Granger – chatted to Liza when they were in St. Joe’s school Lorraine Smith – 50-years old who joined the investigative team...
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