To Kill a Mockingbird vs Scottsboro Trial

Topics: Scottsboro Boys, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Samuel Leibowitz Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Tom Robinson vs Scottsboro Boys
The book To Kill a Mockingbird symbolizes how a community of decent human beings can be corrupted by simple commonplace stereotypes within society, the Scottsboro trial is a real life example of how even in the 20th century individuals were scapegoats of this malicious prejudice. This type of prejudice united the most ignorant Americans into the absurd trail of thought that African Americans were, in some way, inferior to even the most uneducated Caucasian due to the diversity of their customs and/or skin color. The Tom Robinson case within this novel is a fantastic literary device written to stoke the reader’s curiosity and explore the many similarities and differences of these two trials. Undoubtedly these two trials have many similarities despite one of the trials being mainly a focal point for achievement in the literary world. An identical example between these trials are the historical culture in abundance with many of the families included in the trial, an example being the Ewells compare to be utterly consistent with the two young prosecutors in the way they live their life. Another of these many similarities includes the bizarre assumption by the jury that the accused were already virtually guilty before the trial had even begun due to the mainstream’s coarse view of African Americans and how African Americans are nothing better than a common house animal, punished at the dominant being’s will. This point is shown, beyond doubt, when one of the women prosecuting the Scottsboro Boys, Ruby Bates admits that neither herself nor her friend Victoria Price were every raped in anyway by any of the nine accused African Americans. Even after this incriminating confession, the series of trials continue . Although even with these similarities, the two trials are not perfectly identical and do have many variations between the two. One of these variations include the lawyers assigned in each case to represent the defendants....
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