Summary of the Case Study-Weight?I Am on Atkins Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: September 17, 2012

Weight?I’m on Atkins

01. What social,cultural,& personal factors are associated with obesity? With eating disorders? What psychological factors?

Ans: Social,Cultural,& personal factors that are associated with obesity, these are given bellow-

❖ Cultural factors:

Atkins diet/ South beach diet(Marketers) are always trying to spot cultural shifts in order to discover new products that might be wanted for the American culture. Perceived obesity is encouraged in this factors more. American culture shift toward greater concern about health & fitness has created a huge industry for health & fitness services, exercise equipment & variety of diets.The result is that to reduce obesity exercise equipment’s demand is more.

• With eating disorders such as anorexia & bulimia are on the rise due to perceived obesity. It’s accompanied by stress & body image problems & employment comes from being thin.

• Psychological studies show that eating disorders lead to obsessiveness dependency, overcontolled hostility, assertiveness, locus of control & lower self-esteem.

02. How would obesity, diets & exercise programs fit into VALS lifestyles? What groups are most likely to take advantage of which means of losing weight?

Ans: Atkins has created new business. Sales of Unilever’s slim Fast are down. Weight watchers slimming programs are down 6%.

Then, Doctors & Nutritionists have said for years that people should lose weight slowly & exercise.12 years statistics say that if exercise only then 40% less die than who does not exercise. If exercise occasionally then 28% less die than who does not exercise occasionally.

Finally, American business also jumped on the exercise bandwagon. Exercise clinics & gyms are springing up in local communities. More exercise equipment is sold...
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