Summary of the Books of the New Testament

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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BIBL 104
December 9, 2012
Summary of the books of the New Testament


Matthew is written in the form of a gospel. The book of Matthew proclaims that God is Emmanuel, that Jesus is the Messiah, with all power and authority, and the promise he will be with them forever. Some key issues in Matthew include tracing Jesus’ family line to Abraham, the conception of Jesus, Jesus’ baptism by John, Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, Sermon on the Mount, Peter’s name change to Simon, the Eucharist, the crucifix and resurrection of Jesus, and all the miracles performed. The Gospel of Matthew clearly shows the Jews the love Christ has for them. Matthew shows OT prophecies that were fulfilled to prove that Jesus is the Messiah. Matthew also discusses some of the opposition Jesus received and how he dealt with it. He used parables to rely the messages of humility, love, obedience, prayer, and trust in God.


The book of Acts is tricky as some may place it in the gospel genre, though it is written as a narrative. Acts serves as a history of the church. Though there is not a specified author, it is assumed by many that Acts was written by Luke. The book of Acts provides one of the only records of the early church. It reviews the laws that were transitioned from the Old Covenant to the new covenant that formed the universal church between the Gentiles and the Jews. Acts describes the proof that Jesus is the Messiah whom Gad promised would come during the writings of the OT. This book briefly discusses the letters of the apostles. Acts also highlights Paul and his conversion from being a killer of Christians to spreading the gospel. Paul’s dramatic change is a major event for Acts. This book also brings up references to Peter and Stephen persecutions.


The book (letter) of Philemon is written in the epistle genre. Paul wrote the letter to Philemon while his was imprisoned in Rome. Paul wrote to Philemon on behalf of Onesimus, a slave who had...
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