Summary of the Books of the Old Testament

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Marsha D. Owen
Introduction to Biblical Literature
June 6, 2012
Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books
The book of Numbers is mostly law, with some narrative. The key theme for this book is how the post-Exodus Israelites journeyed to the Promised Land. Despite God’s provisions for their well being, they were not thankful and doubted God. Their doubt and ungratefulness led to punishment by God. As a result of their lack of faith, they would spend 40 years wandering in the desert, teaching and preparing the second generation of Israelites of God’s promise and provision. The people of Israel were also numbered, as ordered by God in this book of the Bible. Numbers starts at Mount Sinai; this is where the Israelites accept the laws and covenant from God. During this time God lives among them in the sanctuary. Their goal is to go to the Promise Land. A census is taken and arrangements are made to travel to the land God promised. It was not long before God’s people began to complain. They finally came to the outskirts of Canaan and decided to send spies in. Out of fear, after hearing what their spies reported of the land they were to take, they did not obey God and take the land God asked them to. For their disobedience, they were cursed to die in the desert. It would be the next generation that would take their place in the Promised Land. The book of Numbers ends with the second generation of Israelites ready to cross the Jordan River. Joshua

The book of Joshua is mostly narrative in the literary context. The key theme for the book of Joshua is the example of how a leader’s submission to God allows for provisions of divine help against overwhelming odds. The major events of the book of Joshua are as follows: Joshua was the chosen leader after Moses died. It was his responsibility to direct God’s people into the Promise Land. There are three major characters in the book, God, Joshua and the people of Israel. After becoming leader of...
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