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Topics: God, Religion, Village People Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: January 16, 2013
“True religion comes from the heart. It is a deep relationship with God, and should bring peace and joy and love to people, not fear and guilt and meanness. And worship has meaning only when it is free. God is not honored by worship that is forced under threat of sin or penalty. Nor is God honored by subservient obedience to religious laws devoid of love. God is pleased only by the free expression of the soul that truly loves Him. Anything less is counterfeit and serves only the short-term needs of religious institutions.” Joshua clearly expresses his points of view on religion in the book Joshua: A Parable for Today written by Joseph F. Girzone. This quote is significant to the book because this book challenges, or solidifies, your faith. It proves that maybe there is more to today’s religion than just going to church and following rules. This book is a wake-up call to “self-serving” christians. The story start off when a carpenter, Joshua, moves into the tiny town of Auburn. He is immediately accepted, which is unheard of for a newcomer, and is favored by all. Joshua is what every girl dreams of and what every man wants to be. But when Joshua starts voicing his views on religious matters and starts attending Jewish services along with the different denominations of Christian ones, some people start to get upset. The priest of the Catholic church in town tells Joshua he is no longer aloud to speak to his people, much less attend the mass. Joshua is heart-broken; these religious leaders don’t even have a heart for God. The main character in the book is Joshua. Joshua is a very different man and views life from all aspects and is so close to God. He is kind and gentle. He shows this by how he treats the people of Auburn. Joshua is friendly and peaceful. He is a hero to the children, and a friend to the men and women. Father Kavanaugh, the priest of the Catholic church in Auburn, requested Joshua’s presence one day. After angrily speaking to Joshua, Father...
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