Summary of Plato's Protagoras

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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* In Plato’s dialogue “Protagoras” Socrates tells a companion his experience and interview with a man he deems fairer than Alcibiades. His name is then revealed to be Protagoras. * Protagoras is described as a wise man because if one makes friends with him and gives him money, he would make the benefactor as wise as he is himself. From this it can be understood that Protagoras has the gift of speech. He is able to persuade a man as well as have him to whatever he wishes. * A Socrates question that, if soul is more sacred than body, why does Hippocrates choose Protagoras over his family and friends to consult in the matter. He believes that Hippocrates does not even know what a Sophist truly is but still chooses to offer his soul to him. * Socrates believes that the food of the soul. He compares a Sophist to a dealer and as all dealers they praise all of their goods indiscriminately. So the customer is in danger of purchasing something that may harm him. If one is not a specialist in the particular field he may be cheated. When absorbing the knowledge of a Sophist one should also be careful and calculate what knowledge is useful to him, as the knowledge will have effects on the soul. * Then Protagoras says that by associating with him, he would make Hippocrates a better man by sharing his wisdom daily. He would teach him prudence in private and public affairs, teach him to order his house in the best manner, teach him speak in the affairs of the state. So to say, teach politics and make a good citizen out of him. * However, Socrates doubts this. He says in the affairs of the state every citizen has a say and it does not matter if he is or is not taught politics. As well, he says that if a man does gain wisdom there is no guarantee that he would share it with others or be acknowledged for it. * Although, the man is given the gift of wisdom in comparison to other animals, he is not able to govern himself properly, which...
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