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Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Management Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: March 18, 2008
Executive Summary
IJM's properties are recognized for the following signature qualities: business and industrial complexes that inspire opportunity; minimals that become community centres and homes that answer contemporary lifestyles in innovative ways. All of which are brought to life by IJM's motto of "Excellence Through Quality". (IJM Properties, pg. 1). The focus of IJM's property development activity continues to be in Penang, the Klang Valley and Johor, where the group maintains a strong competitive position. The scenario of this assignment concentrates on the high end buildings through its IJM's motto – "Excellence Through Quality". IJM has gained international recognition and stronger international support, thus it serves as an opportunity for the company to venture back into the local residential property market. Thus in order for the company to achieve that, it may have to consider about adding value in its business operation which explains why value chain analysis serves as an excellent tool to analyze a firm's competitive position than SWOT analysis does by itself. IJM uses the PEST analysis as a useful business measurement tool to understand the market outlook and trend in the property & construction sector. The macro-environment consists of Politics, Economics, Social-Cultural and Technological forces. On top of that, IJM also uses Porter Five Forces model to review the strategy or position of its company as compared to others firms in the property & construction. IJM will then use this to position themselves better as along Gamuda, YTL and IGB. Based on the trend and analysis above, we have gained positive scenario and negative scenario for IJM. The positive scenario would be the economic growth achieve 10% by the year 2015. This lead to having higher demand on luxury homes and purchasing power is upgraded. Moreover, the Malaysia government is relaxing on its rule to attract more foreign investment in property market. Hence, IJM has more chance...
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