Summary: Corsica / Luxor

Topics: Nile, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: October 16, 2011
im going to talk about two famous citites which are called corsica and luxor. A glimpse of Corsica makes anyone wonder of the amazing scenery that lies on it. It has three climate combinations one can adjust from. The different dimensions of its landscape from various directions are characterized for its magnificent features. Corsica also offers a wide range of beaches for tourists to enjoy. Cars are the main transport, and renting one is easy, but roads are dangerous that safety is a lot needed. Corsica’s economy is boosted through exporting cheap wines, and good wines are kept for their consumption. Corsicans are known to be unfriendly people, but getting along with them makes a great difference. corsicaa is french, but not in france. it is located in italy on an island. it isknown overwhelmingly for its selfish people, who live on that island. Luxor is also known as Thebes in Egypt. It’s an abundant place for historical artifacts and people that tourists can appreciate. Its impressive Luxor station is combined with the modern and ancient history for its golden details and momentous design. Four storeyed vessels await the tourist on river banks from their cruise. The West banks mud buildings, field of sugar canes and irrigation best illustrates the place. A resemblance of a gigantic quarry, the Valley of the Kings, lies next to it. Numerous tombs were remains of Pharaoh and Rameses III are amazingly kept. An indescribable view of the beautiful sunset in the Nile River is worth experiencing.
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