Summarize Different Tools and Techniques Project Managers Can Use to Help Them Manage Project Teams. What Can They Do to Manage Virtual Team Members?

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Discussion Question 1 Information Systems Project Management Week 4 Summarize different tools and techniques project managers can use to help them manage project teams. What can they do to manage virtual team members? Answer:

For a while companies and individuals have stated that people are our biggest assets of an organization (Schwalbe, 2013). And therefore by extension so are the teams on our projects. However effective team and resource management is probably the most challenging task for most project managers. Many project managers come from a technical background and have to learn the people management aspect of the daily tasks within the project management environment. Many times teams are formed on the spur of the moment and then random or available resources are assembled together and have to form the team of a project (McNamara, n.d.) Assembling an effective team based on needs and the ability to complement each other can be as important as effectively managing them (McNamara, n.d.). The project manager needs to display excellent analytical and organisational skills which will enable him to analyse needs within the team and manage the team effectively (Business Performance, n.d.). The other techniques that can be used within a project to manage your team are: * Goal setting for team members

* Role clarification of team members
* Performance measurement of team members
* Performance feedback to team members
* Conflict resolution between team members and with external parties * Delegation of responsibilities within the team
* Motivation of team using reward systems
* Skills development plan within the team members
* Coaching of team members
When these techniques are used the group that are initially brought together will cease to be a group and will then turn into a team that can rely on each other, depend on each other and work towards a single goal, which is to bring the project to a successful conclusion....
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