Sugar Cane Paper Proposal

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  • Published: April 10, 2013
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Hokan, Albert
AP Language, Period 5
26 March 2013

Proposal Paper

Environmental awareness has been a deep concern and arising issue that has crept up slowly due to mass industrialization. Americans have become the number one consumers of paper (TheDailyGreen) consequently causing a significant increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and destruction of forests and habitats throughout the world. In order to cope with this environmental destruction caused by tree paper production, we must be able to adjust to another source of paper . At Los Alamitos High School and in our school district, we consume a substantial amounts of paper because it is essential to handouts, tests, lab packets, etc. This is insignificant compared to the world population, but it is a start towards a much more cleaner and friendly environment. To counterbalance this pollution and ecological damage, the Los Alamitos school district could convert into a more environmentally and economically viable solution known as sugar cane paper. This sugar cane paper is made from “bagasse,” otherwise known as sugar cane waste which is safer and cheaper to produce. A substitution for the environmentally hostile tree paper can go a long way.

Paper production has been significant since the birth of our great nation dating back to 1640 in Philadelphia (Conservatree). Tree destruction has been a large environmental issue that has been increasing gradually as paper consumption has risen. Although, we have been making progress through the use of recycling; it is not enough due to increased paper demands. The use of wood pulp as a source for paper has dated back to the 19th century. Since then, our people have been able to significantly deplete the seemingly “endless” supply of trees. Recycling is one way to reduce the pollution from paper waste but is not enough to make a big impact since most copy and office papers are made from virgin tree sources. Methods to reduce waste use toxic...
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